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The Who - Discography and Liner Notes
Non-album Tracks

All of The Who's singles (only songs that don't appear on The Who's studio and live albums are listed here, all of these songs, though, usually have found their place in compilation Lps)

I'm the face/Zoot Suit
1964 (as the high numbers) Fontana TF 480 (UK)
I Can't Explain/Bald Headed Woman
1965 Decca 31725

Anyway,Anyhow,Anywhere/Daddy Rolling Stone
1965 Decca 31801
Substitute/ Waltz for a pig (waltz for a pig is not by the who, rather 'the who orchestra!)

I'm a boy/In the city
1966 Decca 32058

Bucket T/Run,Run,Run

Pictures of Lily/Doctor,Doctor
1967 Track 604 002

The last time/Under my thumb
1967 Track 604 006

Call me lightning/Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
1968 Decca 32288

1968 Polydor Int. NH 59145 (Australia)

Magic Bus/Someone's Coming
1968 Decca 32362

The Seeker/ Here for more
1970 Decca 32670

Let's See Action/When I was a boy
1971 Track 2094 012

Join Together/Baby Don't you do it
1972 Decca 32983

The Relay/Waspman
1972 Track Decca 33041