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The Who:My Generation and more...
The Who; on a postage stamp!?

Yes folks it's true, to a certain extent of course

The Who? On a postage stamp? wow! Finally a good tribute to the band!
Well, as it turns out, it isn't much of a tribute at all:
Not long ago I was browsing Ebay, looking for some interesting WHO memrobrilia, when the caption 'WHO SINGLE STAMP AND CASE' caught my eye. Upon further investigation, it saw that it was indeed a postgae stamp from a country I'd never heard of, called Udmurtia. Being a stamp collector, I bought it immediately.
Wanting to find more about the stamp, I did a little search and found out that Udmurtia is a soveriegn part of Russia. Not really a real country, at least for now.
After doing a bit more searching I found out that, according to the United Postal Union, all stamps from Udmurtia are completely BOGUS. That's right, my WHO stamp was issued illegally by some printer outside of Russia and cannot be used as postage. It has NO VALUE at all!!!
My first reaction was 'what a waste of money', but as it turns out the stamp is a very nice novelty item, but not much more. Too bad...
So, if you ever see an item from Udmurtia or any other country you haven't heard of look into it first before buying.

the who's stamp
The illegal stamp

the who stamp

This particular item was bought on Ebay, mounted and sealed in a plastic case.

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