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Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970

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Heaven and Hell
I can't explain
Young man blues
I don't even know myself
I's a boy
Amazing Journey
Eyesight to the Blind
The acid queen
Pinball Wizard
Do you think it's alright
Fiddle about
Tommy can you hear me?
There's a doctor
Go to the mirror
Smash the mirror
Miracule cure
I'm free
Tommy's holiday camp
We're not gonna take it
Summertime blues
Shakin' all over
My generation
Naked eye
Magic Bus

the record
the 180 grm record

This album shows The Who at their peak in live material- very good sound quality and pressed as a beautiful 3LP set on 180g vinyl. Songs rival even 'Live at Leeds' with some good stage banter to boot. Excellent liner notes and pictures.
Number: Cmytv 164
Label: Castle records
Recorded: 1970
Released: 1996
Very hard to find on LP, was also issued on CD by sony records. UK only

inside (click for larger image)