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Track List:

Overature/It's a Boy
1921 (You Didn't Hear It)
Amazing Journey/ Sparks
Eyesight to the Blind
Cousin Kevin
The Acid Queen
Do You Think It's Alright/ Fiddle About
Pinball Wizard
There's a Doctor I've Found
Go to the Mirror Boy
Smash the Mirror
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're not Gonna Take It

'1921' called 'You didn't hear it' on the MCA reissue. 'Fiddle About' and 'Cousin Kevin' composed by John Entwistle. 'Tommy's Holiday Camp' composed by Keith Moon.
'Eyesight to the Blind' by Sonny Boy Williamson.
Cover Design: Mike McInnerney
Photos: Barie Mellen
Avatar: Meher Baba

Number: Dxsw 7205
Released: 1969
Label: Decca

Tommy's story goes like this: His father dissapears before he is born, and his mother falls in love with another man. Tommy's real father returns and murders the lover. Tommy witnesses this act and becomes blind to the world.

Tommy has a mystical experience and becomes a pinball wizard. Finally, Tommy is cured of his blindness when a mirror is smashed and then gains a huge following. At the end he unsuccessfuly operates a pinball camp.

Tommy became a movie and a very successful musical as well.

Tommy Part One


All the tracks from Overture to Underture are included!
Number: Track 2406 007
Label: track
Released: 1972
The only reason to buy this album is for the alternate deep vocal version for the song 'Eyesight to the blind'. There was an album called Tommy Part Two as well, but that contained only the rest of the regular 'tommy' tracks.

Other Versions of Tommy: (with the who in them)

Tommy as Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir With Guest Soloists


Track List:
Exactly the same as above with the exeption of 'I'm Free' occuring after 'smash the mirror' and 'See Me, Feel Me' at the end.

Released: 1972
Label: ODE Records
Number: SP 99001
Produced by the Late Lou Reizner, Tommy was performed totally by the london symhpony orchestra and chambre choir. There were many guest soloists which include Sandy Denny as the nurse, Steve Winwood as the father, Mary Claton as the Acid Queen, Rod Stewart as the pinball wizard, Richard Harris (Dumbledore in Harry Potter) as the doctor, and Ringo Starr as Uncle Ernie.
Of course, the Who performed as well with Pete Townshend as the narrator, John Entwistle as Cousin Kevin and Roger Daltrey as Tommy.
This record was a huge hit and came in a huge slipcase box with a booklet and a cardbord pinball machine to house the records.

the notes with Tommy

Tommy Original Soundtrack

Tommy soundtrack

Track list:
Captain Walker/It's a boy
Bernie's Holiday Camp
1951/What about the boy
Amazing Journey
Eyesight ot the blind
Acid Queen
Do you think it's alright (1)
Cousin Kevin
Do you think it's alright (2)
Fiddle About
Do you think it's alright (3)
Pinball Wizard
There's a doctor
Go to the mirror
Smash the mirror
I'm Free
Mother and Son
Miracule Cure
Sally Simpson
T.V. Studio
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're not gonna take it
listening to you/See me, Feel me

Released: 1975
Label: Polydor
Number: Polydor 2625 028
Tommy the movie was directed by Kent Russel during the year of 1974.
The movie and soundtrack included such actors and vocalists as Keith Moon as Uncle Ernie, Roger Daltrey as Tommy, Elton John as the pinball wizard, Eric Clapton as the preacher, Jack Nicholson as the doctor, Tina Turner as the acid Queen and Pete Townshend as the narrator. The Who performed most of the songs as well.
If you're wondering, Pete Townshend DID compose all of the 'extra' songs in the track list. Interestingly enough, Kenny Jones (80's Who drummer) played drums on most of the tracks. Simon Townshend (pete's brother) was a newsboy as well.

The inside of Tommy original Soundtrack

Looking for the making of tommy promo? Click below:

Promo Albums 1975