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The All-too-neccessary disclaimer: I do NOT support the sale or manufacture of bootleg recordings. The information presented hereonin is simply a resource for collectors and fans alike.

Tho Whe: aka Who is This?
Munich, Germany 1972

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I Can't Explain
Summertime Blues
My Wife
Baba O'Riley
Behnind Blue Eyes
Magic Bus
Uncle Relay
Number: WHO PE
Label: ???
Recorded: Deutsches Museum, Munich, West Germany Sept. 4th, 1972
Released: ???
This is a variation, according to "Baba" from "Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page" of an LP called "Who is this?" I'm guessing it's a real budget release, because the cover is a folded-out copy of Theo Vaness' "Bad Bad Boy" (Obiously the covers from this disco-one-hit-wonder were in abundant supply). While the sound is a so-so audience recording, the show itself is AWESOME with especially good versions of 'My Wife,' 'Magic Bus,' and 'Relay.' This is also my very first bootleg LP!

The Who- Live!
Dayton, Colorado 1971

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Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again
[I] Don't Even Know Myself
Baby Please Don't Do It
Pinball Wizard
Number: B2299
Label: Berkeley Records
Recorded: August 8th, 1971, O'Hara Arena, Dayton CO
Released: ???
Another excellent show from 1971- this one has been released many times and is often known as "Live- Collectors Item" and "Live in England." Sound is okay, but the show makes up for it- excellent versions of 'Bargain' (the synth bit seems to be sung here) and 'Baby Don't you do it' (possibly a better-performed version than the officially released one- the b-side to 'Join Together.' This one is a good record to start a boot collection with- really good show, and extra-nice sleeve. The album is listed on the back as "produced" by Michael Manchester and the address for the record label is listed also:
Berkeley Records Ltd.
10 Berkely Street
London, W1

The back cover of 'Live!'
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