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Recorded 27 November, 2000
1. I Can't Explain
2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3. Pinball Wizard
4. Relay
5. My Wife
6. The Kids are Alright
7. Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
8. Bargain
9. Magic Bus
10. Who Are you
11. Baba O'Riley with Kennedy
12. Drowned
13. Heart to Hang Onto
14. So Sad about us with Pete and Paul Weller
15. I'm One with Eddie Vedder
16. Getting in Tune with Eddie Vedder
17. Behind Blue Eyes with Bryan Adams
18. You better You bet
19. The Real Me
20. 5'15
21. Won't Get Fooled Again
22. Substitute with Kelly Jones
23. Let's see action with Eddie Vedder
24. My Generation
25. See Me, Feel Me/ Listening to You with Bryan Adams and Eddie Vedder
Recorded live 8 Febuary, 2002
26. I'm Free
27. I Don't Even Know Myself
28. Summertime Blues
29. Young Man Blues
Recorded: 2000/2002
Released: December 15th, 2003
Number: C50-19342 4LP Germany Only 4LP set
Label: SPV (Steamhammer)

This beautiful 4LP set on heavy vinyl, available on German import only is certainly worth every penny. Packaged nicely in a gatefold sleeve with pictures on each inner sleeve and with Zak and Rabbit on keyboards, along with Bob Pridden producing, what could be better? The bonus tracks, of course- Young Man Blues sets 'live at leeds' begging for mercy. Of course, we can't forget the meat of the album with a huge bass solo by John on 5'15, beatiful verions with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, an amazing violin bit that's ready to explode on Baba O'Riley and so much more! And of course, money from this goes to the teenage cancer trust.
Even if you've already got the dvd, it's very different with the album- you concentrate more on the music rather than the visuals and the extras are worth the price of the album itself! The LP set has an excellent mix too- the instruments are more defined and there is no audible compression compared to the poorly mastered CD set.