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Record collector Info- about this discography
My Generation and Related
A Quick One/ Happy Jack
The Who Sell Out
Tommy and other versions
60's and 70's US compilations
Live at Leeds
Who's Next and related
Quadrophenia and related
The Who By Numbers
Who Are You
The Kids are alright
Concerts for the people of Kampuchea
Face Dances
It's Hard
Rarities Vol. 1 & 2
Who's last (live)
Who's and Two's Missing
Join Together (live)
Live at Wight
BBC Sessions
The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Promo Albums- 60's and early 70's
Promo Albums 1975
Promo albums 1982-1976
Oddities on 45RPM
The weird and wonderful!
LP Bootlegs
The Who - Discography and Liner Notes

The Who had a total of 10 studio albums, 4 live albums and countless compilations! All albums, including promos are here. Take a look at the VERY RARE page for some of the most hard-to-find items! If you want to correct or add some info, don't hesitate to e-mail me. If you need to find a particular album, see below for a breakdown of the pages with more than one album on it.

Note: The Discographies on this site use the original track lists of the LP's only. The only recent releases that are here have been released on LP as well as CD at the same time. As I rule I don't include greatest hits, they are pointless!)

Who Albums

Back cover of a 1971 tour program

Pages with more than one album:
The weird and the wonderful!:
Woodstock album
Iron man album
Two rooms (elton john LP)
and more...
My Generation and Related:
The Who Sings My Generation
My Generation Deluxe
Tommy and Other Versions:
Tommy Part One
Tommy London Orchestral
Tommy Movie Soundtrack
60's and 70's US Comps:
Magic Bus
Meaty, Meaty, Big and Bouncy
Odds and Sods
Who's Next and Related:
Who's Next
Who's Next Deluxe
Quadrophenia and Related:
Quadrophenia Movie Soundtrack
Promo Albums 1975:
Nightbird and Co.
Making of Tommy
Promo Albums 1982-1976:
Filling in the Gaps
Talking about Quadrophenia
Innerview Pt 1
The Who/SAC
The house that track built
Oddities on 45RPM:
What's it all About? promo 7"
Roger Daltrey 'The Pride you Hide' 2x 7"
Won't Get Fooled Again 12"