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Who's and Two's Missing

Who's Missing:


Shout and Shimmy
Leaving Here
Anytime you want me
Lubie (come back home)
Barbara Ann
I'm a boy (1st version)
Mary Ann with the shaky hands (single version)
Heaven and Hell
Here for more
I don't even know myself
When I was a boy
Bargain (Live)
Number: MCA 5641
Label: MCA
Released: 1985
The first rarities collection of the Who for the USA and UK. While most of the tracks can be found on previous rarities collections, the album is really worth it for the live version of 'Bargain,' recorded live in San Francisco 1971, one of the few tracks that surfaced from an aborted follow up live album to 'Live at Leeds.' Liner notes by Pete.

Two's Missing

two's missing

Bald Headed Woman
Under my thumb
My wife (live)
I'm a man
Dogs part 2
Circles (revised version)
the last time
Daddy Rolling Stone
Goin' Down (live)
Number: MCA 5712 UK: Polydor 837 558-1
Label: MCA or Polydor
Released: 1987
Some notes about the songs culled from the back of the record, the notes being written by John Entwistle
Bald headed woman B side of  'I can't explain', the fuzz box is played by Jimmy Page because he was the only one in the country who owned a fuzz box at the time. During the harmonica solo, Roger puts the harmonica in backwards.
Under my thumb was a single designed to help pay for the cost of one of the many Rolling Stones drug cases. The Who said they would only record Rolling Stones songs until it was all over.
My Wife was recorded live in San Francisco, along with other songs, it was intended as a follow-up to 'live at leeds'. The album sounded so similar, though, so it was never released. Only one other song, 'Baby don't you do it' (on rarities vol. 2) was released from this show.
Dogs written and recorded when Pete was really into dog racing. The talking parts feature Pete and John.
Dogs part 2 aparently on this instrumental track, Pete and John's dogs are featured. The writing credits go to Keith Moon.
Circles was intended as the b-side for 'substitute'. Because of legal problems with Shel Talmy, 'Waltz for a pig', bought from the Graham Bond Organization, was used instead because the who weren't alowed to record until it was all sorted out.
The last time was a b-side for 'Under my thumb'
Water is one of the only tracks pereformed before it was recorded (see live at the isle of wight). Intended for an EP with 'postcard' and 'Naked eye' (see 60's and 70's compilations for these tracks).
Daddy Rolling stone a track from the 'my generation' tapes.
Heatwave a martha and the vandellas cover.
Goin' Down is an end of show jam the who are famous for.
Motoring Keith didn't have a real drum kit at the time this was recorded, biscuit tins were used instead.
Waspman apparently, Keith was into waps that week. Not much more to say, other than it is a must-hear!
The album is worth it mostly for the live song 'Goin' Down,' recorded in San Francisco 1971.