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My Generation Radio 1 jingle
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Good Loving
Just you and me, darling
Leaving Here
My Generation
The goods gone
La La La Lies
Man with the money
Dancing in the street
I'm a boy
Run, Run, Run
Boris the spider
Happy Jack
See my way
Pictures of lily
A quick one
Substitute (2)
The seeker
I'm free
Shakin' All over/Spoonful
Long live rock
Boris the spider jingle
Number: 547-727-1
Label: Polydor
Released: 2000
All these recordings were live-in-the studio at BBC, thus the poor sound quality. The first track was broadcast in 1965 and Long live rock was broadcast in 1973. There are lots of announcer comments, most of them interesting. The sleeves have a long speel by Andy Neil, giving information on the tracks. The 'Shakin All over medley' makes this album worth having! A nice 2LP set, well-packaged, and provides an excellent insight into the Who's rocky relationship with the BBC.