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the who/ the strawberry alarm clock
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The Who/ The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Happy Jack
Bucket T
I can see for miles
Out in the street
Sit with the guru
Nightmare of percussion
Soft skies no lies
Curse of the witches
They saw the fat one coming
Released: early 1969
Number: MCA 734586 or MCA 734695 US only
Label: MCA special Markets or MCA/Philco
This very rare collectors album was made especialy for the Philco/Ford company to be sold only in Philco stereo stores. I know of only one copy of this album on the net! Most of them are very expensive, for good reason of course. This is the rarest commercially available US WHO album.There are two issues of this album, one with Philco/Ford and one without. They are both equal of value and rareness. I believe, though, that the regular MCA LP was issued a year later. The following is an excerpt from the sleeve notes:
"The youth of today have adopted a new kind of music, which is a direct outgrowth of what used to be called rock n' roll... one of the most poular english groups is The Who. The Who is composed of four very talented lads currently enjoying a tremendous following.... The unique sound of The Who ha set them apart from other gropus of the day for they are never satisfied with the ordinary, they constantly strive to imporve by experimentation... They are what today's music is all about."

The House that track built

the house that track built

Magic bus -The Who
All along the watchtower -Jimi Hendrix Experience
Love Power -The Sand Pebbles
Young man blues (studio version) - The Who
If this is love -Precisions
Wihelmina -Thunderclap Newman
Desdemona -John's Children
Fire -The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Purple Haze -Jimi Hendrix Experience
(I wanna) Testify -The Parliments
If I had a ribbon bow -Fairport Convention
Devil's Grip -The Crazy world of arthur brown
A quick one while he's away -The Who
Number: Track 613 016 UK only
Label: Track Records
Released: January 1969
This label sampler is one of the rarest who albums ever! I estimate about 3 copies are available on the net! Cover by David King. Has the original studio version of 'Young Man Blues,' which has only ever been released on this record. Contrary to what the notes say the 'Odds & Sods' reissue CD does not include this track, but rather a totally different version! Also boasts the true stereo verion of 'A Quick One.' You can get the 'Young Man Blues' track with a completely different mix on the Tommy Deluxe CD, but I'm going to stick with the original for overall quality.  The music styles range from almost motown to prog. rock, with rare tracks from John's Children and Thunderclap Newman. Thunderclap Newman was a band made by Pete Townshend, who wrote their first single 'Something in the air'. The 45 was a smash hit and skyrocketed their popularity. Pete also produced their only album 'Hollywood Bowl'. Sadly after this album, they weren't able to follow up musically. The album is a laminated gatefold, printed by Ernest J. Day and Co.

house inside
The inside of the house that track built

Interview Picture Disc Edit

Side one of the interview pic disc

Side two

Interview with Pete, John and Roger in that order
Number: Bak 2040 UK only
Label: Bakbatak
Released: 1984
This is an extremely rare UK only release of several interviews with the who in the early eighties. While the picture disc is really cool, the interview is of poor quality. To find it on CD, buy 'Talkin' Bout their Generation' from the same label. The copy you see above is one of only 500 made! Edit