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A Quick One/ Happy Jack

Happy jack

The Back of Happy Jack
Back cover

Track List:

Run, Run, Run
Boris the Spider
I Need You
Whiskey Man
Cobwebs and Strange
Happy Jack
Don't Look Away
See My Way
So Sad About Us
A Quick One While He's Away

Released: 1966
Number: Mono: DL 8492 Stereo: DL 78492
Label: Decca

'A Quick One While He's Away, Pete's 10 minute opera is composed of 6 parts:'Her Man's Gone,' 'Crying Town,' 'We Have A Remedy,' 'Ivor The Engine Driver,'
'Soon Be Home,' and 'You Are Forgiven.'

'Boris the Spider and 'Whiskey Man' by John Etwistle
'I Need You' and Cobwebs and Strange'by Keith Moon
'See My Way' by Roger Daltrey
The Rest by Pete Townshend
The Reason for this division was because they all got paid 500 pounds for each song they gave to the album.The original UK cover was nearly the same as above, excepting the title.

There is an ad for 'The Who Fan Club' on the back of the original pressing.

There are also neat little biographies for each band member that say the Roger drives an Aston Martin like James Bond, that John plays tuba, french horn and cornet, that Keith has a passion for breeding chickens and that Pete enjoys Stockhausen, brandy and painting.

A Quick One was retitled "Happy Jack" because of the minor hit at #49 in the U.K. Also, 'heatwave' was included on the UK record instead of 'happy jack'

The following is a "preview" on the back of the LP:
"Right! Sit Down! You think you've heard British sound, and those British groups, but as the people say "You ain't heard nothing yet". The sound is that of the Who. Be Careful. It has power, guts and thoughts, and it represents one of the most brilliant groups yet to emerge from Britain. It also represents one of the most amazing stage acts to be seen in the world today. In this album you are presented with all but The Who's stage act. The four individual talents of thisc group are showcased here and all the songs are there own compositions. Writing their own material leaves the Who flying free go experiment and progress. Something they never stop doing. With these 10 tracks of new sound dimesion and imaginative ideas, The Who will keep their title - The World's most sensational group!"

Nick Jones, Melody Maker