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Who's Next

Who's Next

Track List:

Baba O'Riley
Love ain't For Keeping
My Wife
Song is Over
Getting in Tune
Going Mobile
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again

Number: DL 79182
Label: Decca

'My Wife' by John Entwistle
All other songs by Pete Townshend.

Pete pioneered the ARP sythesiser in this album, which in 1971 was the size of a large room.

'Who's Next' was the remains of an abortive rock opera, 'Lifehouse'. Lifehouse was a story set in the future about how there was a big disaster and most of the people went to live underground. Only farmers and wandering gypsies lived on the surface. The surface was called 'the grid' and was policed by 'Grid Police'. People under the surface lived off the grid. One of the farmers on the surface tells his son about how music used to bring people together. The son decided to hold a large rock concert and that somehow broke the grid, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The idea for 'lifehouse' was that it was to be made into a movie. The who would perform in front of an audience that would come and be filmed while the who was performing. Eventually, individual personalities would come out. Sadly, though, this didn't work. The audience became rowdy and more and more people left. Even Pete himself could hardly grasp the meaning and suffered from a nervous breakdown as a result.

lifehouse is now available in it's entirety from pete townshend on his website (
Fact: lifehouse predicted the internet in 1971, through the song, 'relay'.

Who's Next Deluxe

who's next deluxe

original album;
Baba O'Riley
Love Ain't For Keeping
My Wife
The Song is over
Getting in Tune
Going Mobile
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get fooled again
New York Record Plant Sessions;
Baby Don't You do it
Getting in Tune
Pure and Easy
Love Ain't for keeping
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get fooled again
Live at the young vic theatre
Love Ain't For Keeping
Pure and Easy
Young Man Blues
Time is passing
Behind blue eyes
I don't even know myself
Too Much of anything
Getting in Tune
My Generation
(I'm a ) Roadrunner
Naked Eye
Won't Get Fooled Again
Number: 076-176-1
Label: Polydor
Released: 2003 UK only
This beautifully packaged 3LP set had just been released only in the UK by polydor. Chock full of great liner notes and photos, it comes complete with 20 bonus tracks! The New York Record plant sessions were recorded in early 1971 with Kit Lambert. The Who were having troubles with Kit at the time so these sessions did not appear on the original album. The young vic concerts were where the lifehouse project was to take place in film. Sadly enough, the few performances that the who did to test the waters of the project (explained above) were not filmed, but recorded on the rolling stones' mobile studio. None of the tracks of the 'young vic' discs have been released except for 'Naked eye' which appeared on the Odds & Sods LP.

Some notes on the record plant session songs:
Baby Don't you do it- A Marvin Gaye classic, it was a stage favorite of the who from the 1964-1966 era. Revived for the lifehouse project and studio recorded!
Pure and Easy- A very different version of this song. Another version appears on the Odds and Sods LP.
Won't Get fooled again- A very different synth pattern on this track, the synth was actually played on an organ which was fed through the sythesizer.

The label on one of the LPs
Two Lps of the deluxe edition came with a track label and one with a decca 45 label