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The 'IN' sound

the in sound radio promo
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The Who- Happy Jack + Interview with Pete
The Happenings- I got rythm
Peaches and Herb- Close Your Eyes
Spencer Davis Group- I'm a man
The Youngbloods- Merry Go Round
Andy Williams- Music to watch girls by
Number: USA-IS 41A
Label: US Army
Released: 1967
Broadcast: The week of May 1st, 1967
The 'IN' sound was a favorite 60's radio program hosted by the jubilant Harry Harrison. People would call in and say what they thought would be a big hit. In The Who's case an Army officer phoned in, says a few words about how the kids are playing 'happy jack' and then the song is put on. Afterwords is a short interview with Pete about the origin of the group's name. After Harry puts in a few words about joining the army. Each program is about five minutes long. There also exists another "In Sound" featured below with the song 'call me lightning'. These albums are very rare because they were supposed to be destroyed after going on the air to prevent accidental re-broadcast.

The 'IN' Sound

Lulu- Me the Peaceful Heart
The Beatles- Lady Madonna
The Who- Call me Lightning
Bobby Goldsboro- Honey
Diana Ross & the Supremes- My Forever Came Today
Number: USA-IS-92 and PS-GRC-ARMY-830
Label: US Army
Released: 1968
Broadcast: The week of April 22, 1968
This is the other "In" Sound radio show LP featuring The Who which was made in 1968. It has the same cover and label style as the one featured above, although only three of the five tracks feature interviews with the artist (The Beatles and Diana Ross are the ones without). Pete is talking here again for 35 seconds with Harry Harrison (the DJ) about The Who's "mysterious" name- and tells Harry that he "loves" the name personally. Good interview, but not essential. The format is exactly the same as described above.

Pete townshend/ thunderclap newman interview
Innerview pt. 2