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The Who Sell Out

The Who Sell Out
The front Cover of 'the Who Sell Out'

THe Back of The Who Sell Out
The Back of 'the Who Sell Out'

Track List:

Note: The Tracks in brackets are short jingles of banned pirate radio stations in England. Each Jingle is between a track.

{Days of the week}
Armenia City In the Sky
{Radio London}
Heinz Baked Beans
{More Music}
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand
{Premiere Drums}
{Radio London}
{Radio London (Church of Choice)}
Our Love Was
{PussyCat/Speakeasy/Rotosound Strings}
I Can See for Miles
{Charles Atlas}
I Can't Reach You
Silas Stingy

Released: 1967
Number: Mono: DL 4950 Stereo: DL 74950
Label: Decca

The company that owned the jingles brought a lawsuit against The Who for using them. A settlement was reached.

It seems Heinz was very annoyed at the cover of 'The Who Sell Out' until someone pointed out how much free advertising they were getting.

Most of the jingles were from 'Radio London'an offshore 'pirate'radio station. Radio london was shut down in 1967 as a result of an act by British Parliment.
At the very end of the U.S. LP in the "Never Ending" record groove you can hear the words "Track Records" repeated three times. This is a parody of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Find a recording of this jingle at the multimedia page.

"Odorono" was an actual liquid underarm deodorant used by women during the second world war. It's name was pronounced "Odo-Ron-o", though.

Medac is retitled 'Spotted Henry' on the US lp.
The UK versions of this album came with a very cool poster.

The following are the mock ads that appear on the fromt and back cover:

"Replacing the stale smell of excess with the sweet smell for success, Peter Townshend, who, like nine out of ten stars, needs it. Face the music with Odorono, the all day deodorant that turns perspiration into inspiration."

"This way to a coyboy's breakfast. Daltrey rides again. Thinks "Thanks to heinz baked beans everyday is a super day." Those who know how many beans make five get heinz baked beans inside and out at every oppurtunity. Get Saucy"

"There used to be a dark side to keith moon. Not now. Not any more. If acne is preventing you from reaching your acme, use medac, the spot remover that makes your pits flit. Put medac on the spot now"

John Entwistle was a 9 and a half stone weakling untill Charles Atlas made a man of him at nine and three quarter stone. Now those huggy bear biceps bring those beach beauties running. Put muscles amoung the mussles. Tense yourself skinny"
On the australian issues of sell out, Keith Moon is seen holding a 'clearasil' bottle! On the canadian issues John Entwistle uses 'isometrics'! The reason for this is most likely legal issues dealing with copyrights.

The Who Sell Out MONO Version

In my humble opinon, the who sell out mono mix is much better than the stereo, better sound and some different track variations:
I can't reach you: Different guitar solo
Odorono: Missing Lead guitar
All tracks: Heavier Bass

The Who sell out mono label
click for detailed view