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Who's last (live)
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The Who - Discography and Liner Notes
The weird and wonderful!

Miscallaneous stuff:

Some interesting places where the who have cropped up:

The Woodstock album

Two rooms (cassette)
two rooms

Wonderful Places:
Woodstock album- only one track - 'we're not gonna take it' from the legendary woodstock concert. Other woodstock tracks can be found on 'the kids are alright'. The Woodtock album was a 3LP set released in 1970 by Cotillion (record number SD 3-500). Many other great artists such as Arlo Guthrie and Jimi Hendrix!
The Iron man- A Pete Townshend solo rock opera of sorts based on the popular children's story. The Who have two excellent tracks 'Dig' and 'Fire'. Pete townshend was also the producer of the Iron Man animated movie several years ago. 'Fire' is a cover of a semi-famous Arthur Brown song. Arthur brown appears on the house that track built and as "the preacher" in the tommy movie. The guy has always been quite close to The Who, as Pete was the one to sign him to Track Records. There is also a live version of 'Dig' on the Join Together live album.There was also an Iron Man promo made, very interesting, e-mail for more info if needed! (
Two Rooms- An Elton John Tribute album. The Who do an energetic cover of 'Saturday Night's alright for fighting'. This was also released as a CD single. The liner notes quote the who as saying "Elton is one of the few people to have covered a classic Who song. So it's great to have the opportunity to get our own back!" This album was released in 1991 and made available on LP, tape and CD.
Weird Places:
Backtrack albums- Released by Track records, these albums are either re-releases of Who albums 'Sell Out' and 'A Quick One', The Who/Jimi Hendirx albums or a various artist sampler like 'The house that track built.' The unfortunate part is that there are no new or interesting tracks on them at all. For some reason, every cover features a picture of a very young child smoking something! The only reason to get them might be for some of the stereo mixes on the earlier tracks.
Track Allsorts albums- All I know is that they feature various Who tracks, probably the same old ones. There were three of these albums.
Pot-ent compilation- A german only coloured vinyl 2LP set with german artists, eric clapton and one cut by the who, 'Young Man Blues', Kind of inexplicably weird, I think that the 'young man blues' track is from 'live at leeds'. I'm not sure, though, because I don't feel the need to buy the album...
OMD 1978 Live EP- This live EP was included in  the first 10,000 copies of the OMD album 'organization'. Probably the weirdest place to find the who, as OMD is a very good, but synth pop band. On the track 'introducing radios' there is a jumble of music taken from the radio. The Who's 'overture' has about 3 seconds of fame there...
The Spells- The Age of Backwards EP- Tired indie/riotgirrl pop group covers 'I Can't Explain.' They do a reasonably good job with lo-fi action to boot.
There are, of course, many, many other places to find the who! The ones listed here are the most interesting and unique.

The Who in the Two rooms album
two rooms who