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Record collector Info- about this discography
My Generation and Related
A Quick One/ Happy Jack
The Who Sell Out
Tommy and other versions
60's and 70's US compilations
Live at Leeds
Who's Next and related
Quadrophenia and related
The Who By Numbers
Who Are You
The Kids are alright
Concerts for the people of Kampuchea
Face Dances
It's Hard
Rarities Vol. 1 & 2
Who's last (live)
Who's and Two's Missing
Join Together (live)
Live at Wight
BBC Sessions
The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Promo Albums- 60's and early 70's
Promo Albums 1975
Promo albums 1982-1976
Oddities on 45RPM
The weird and wonderful!
LP Bootlegs
The Who - Discography and Liner Notes
Record collector Info- about this discography

All Who records have only been released on the following labels:
Brunswick, Track, Decca, MCA, Warner Bros, Polydor, Virgin and Atco. There are, of course, some exceptions. But, generally, if you see an album that does not belong to the above labels, it's probably a bootleg. Bootlegs are illegal recordings made by people who either recorded live concerts or in the studio recordings, and then released them without The Who's consent. Some of them have bad sound quality and cheap covers, while others resemble legitimate albums. 'Live at Leeds' was made by The Who to resemble a bootleged release.
Some items of interest not listed here (because I don't have them yet) inlcude:
Townshend/ Thunderclap Newman Interview
Innerview Pt 2 Promo
Note on the discography,
This discography only includes the orginal US and UK releases. Most 45s or greatest hits albums aren't discussed here, mainly because they are so numerous and they all have the same tracks. The exception to the rule is some singles which are the only source for certain tracks. 

tems that will never appear on this site;
Greatest hits albums
Who did it (very rare comp LP)
High Numbers single (only 1000 pressed)
International compilations (from france,germany not worth the money for no new tracks)
Phases box set,german only, includes 9 WHO albums very rare Jimi Henrdrix/the who albums, no new tracks
Backtrack ablums (nothing new)

The Scoop on radio shows:

Radio shows are sometimes concerts and rarely interviews that are distributed to stations throughout the US and Canada. I advise you not to even bother trying to get into the who's radio show catalogue, they are very difficult to find, incredibly costly and most often do not include interviews. The who's radio show list (there actually isn't a complete one) is filled with 'various artists' shows, usually featuring one track by the who. There are, I think, a couple of good ones, edits of concerts. Stations rarely keep these shows, and are forbidden to sell them, although a few tend to leak out into the public.

Promotional albums, on the other hand, are usually very good. Promos for short, these LPs promote an album that is coming out, and is played exclusively on the radio. Promos always have a good portion of interviews and music. Some promos are quite easy to find and are very enjoyable to listen to. Again, they are not meant to be sold, bu the DJs need some extra change! Most Who collectors stick to promos and nearly all of them are listed on this site!